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 [ARCHIVES](15.03.09)[Community] Opening

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PostSubject: [ARCHIVES](15.03.09)[Community] Opening   [ARCHIVES](15.03.09)[Community] Opening Icon_minitime21/05/10, 07:15 pm

well egosum here is ur idea Very Happy
so i expect u have to be the first one shares picture Smile

Frances Farmer:
Try this

doing 1 of the 3 things i like to do most in life Laughing Smile
well i see too many problems with pics so try this link and PLEASE SHARE URS Smile

hey now i remember: beer is another "thing" i like to share with some friends and good rock music hehe. Wink

well guys here r some pics of me in a facet of my life i wanted to share with u; hope u share some of urs with us.

Frances Farmer:
Woohoo already. Very Happy
Are you in a band? Because i see drums. 😉

well Jossi my friend, why didn't u tell me befor that u play Guitar:)
This is the only pic i'll share, i was young Laughing (don't have any others yet)
[ARCHIVES](15.03.09)[Community] Opening Inyarddrinking

i may post more soon, but i still dont trust internet for privacy Shocked

hehe yea im in a rock band (singer, guitar player) and i really like it; spend most of my time in jamsessons.

hey storm good pic of u when were a child ehh. post some others Smile

thats me and my dog... a really cute dog!!!

[ARCHIVES](15.03.09)[Community] Opening

hey crank it seems u have a good life ehh!!! good pic thanks for sharing.
still waiting some others share their's Smile

Lady Croft:
alright ill share too.... its so damn quiet here...

Feel free to add me if you have myspace too... dont have that many friends:P.. not that I actually know... just random people want to add me for some reason...

dammm im out of words!!!!! Very Happy pretty girl u r i´m impressed Very Happy

me and my neice josselyn
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[ARCHIVES](15.03.09)[Community] Opening
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