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 Shownormals+timescale for demos

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Shownormals+timescale for demos Empty
PostSubject: Shownormals+timescale for demos   Shownormals+timescale for demos Icon_minitime16/08/11, 01:58 pm


bind "F9"vstr rshownormals
                set rshownormals_off  "set rshownormals vstr rshownormals_on; set r_shownormals 0;      echo ^1Shownormals: OFF"
                set rshownormals_on "set rshownormals vstr rshownormals_off; set r_shownormals 1;       echo ^2Shownormals: ON"
        vstr rshownormals_off

bind "F10" vstr change_timescale
                set ts_01 "set change_timescale vstr ts_02; timescale 1.0;      echo ^3Normal-TimeScale: 1.0"
                set ts_02 "set change_timescale vstr ts_03; timescale 0.5;      echo ^1Slow-TimeScale: 0.5"
                set ts_03 "set change_timescale vstr ts_01; timescale 1.5;      echo ^2Fast-TimeScale: 1.5"
        vstr ts_01

this is very useful when watch demo
no need to type in console shownormals evry time when watch demos , just with one key can on/off him

if u cant make cfg file just use this link

ps; this link ill be dead after 180 days

Shownormals+timescale for demos Shark10

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Shownormals+timescale for demos
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