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PostSubject: Sport   Sport Icon_minitime08/11/11, 09:25 pm

Hey folks
I post new topic, you are free to talk about (How the title says) about any sport you want here. Smile
I thought it may be interesting since we have many men in FF. Well if not it will just disappear.

Well what lead me to post this is a bit sad, I am sure most of you know what's going on. Since I am interested in Motosport how some of you know, this affected me somehow.
It's just this video jumped on me on Youtube site.

R.I.P. Marco, let's wish less wasted young lives

And something nicer, My other favourite sport. Smile

Sport Edc5383ed2bb

**-> Sport 725015bee26d <-**
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PostSubject: Re: Sport   Sport Icon_minitime16/11/11, 11:09 pm

Yeah the thing of Marco is really sad indeed ):

And beachvolleyball looks fun haha i don't know much about it.

Im a football player and I just hate The Netherlands lost yesterday against the Germans.
We lost with 3-0! Sad *cries*
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PostSubject: Caida libre bajo el agua   Sport Icon_minitime17/11/11, 01:11 am



Sport Duende10
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PostSubject: Re: Sport   Sport Icon_minitime

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