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 Server option: JetPack [Player command]

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Server option: JetPack [Player command] Empty
PostSubject: Server option: JetPack [Player command]   Server option: JetPack [Player command] Icon_minitime24/02/12, 08:30 pm

I have made and tested a new option that can be used in FF server.
This options is "Jet Pack", in another words, it makes your person fly!.
This option can be available if its enabled by administrator, or set to be enabled.
Usage: /jetpack
or: /jp
or: /jet

This turns it on/off

In order to be able to use the JetPack:
-Be in a team (Allies/Axis)
-Your person has to be SOLDIER (for now its restricted to SOLDIER ONLY)
-Your JetPack must not be damaged, that means your LIFE scale must be greater or equal to 70.
-You must have enough fuel to start the Jetpack engine, that means Your WEAPON scale must be FULL.
-(Admin Option) You must achieve the required AWARD if its set on.

The Jetpack shuts down when:
-You Disable it by the command.
-It gets damaged. (Your life less than 70)
-#Coming soon: Out of energy.
-When your person dies.

This option can be used free durring warmup (no limitations)
This option can be Enables/disabled by server admins.
This option can be can be controled by AWARD system.

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Server option: JetPack [Player command]
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