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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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 I want to join FF

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I want to join FF Empty
PostSubject: I want to join FF   I want to join FF Icon_minitime10/10/12, 03:51 am

Hello FF members I am looking for apply to your clan someone can help me?
ATT.. Soulford
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I want to join FF Empty
PostSubject: Re: I want to join FF   I want to join FF Icon_minitime10/10/12, 04:53 am

Please fill this out

Make a new topic and just answer the questions:
haga un nuevo topic y responda las preguntas.

1.Gaming name/names*:
nombre con el que quieres jugar




5.How long you've played*:
hace cuanto juegas?

6.What days/nights do you usually play:
que dias/noches juegas mas?

7.What Time do you usually play?
a que hora?

8.Servers you play the most*?
en que servidores juegas mas?

9. How long do you plan on playing wolf?*
cuanto tiempo planeas jugar wolf?

10.Were you in a clan before(tell wich one)*?
estuviste en algun clan antes? (di cual)

11.Did you read the RULES and accept them*?
leiste las reglas y las aceptas?

12.Any skills that may benefit to us(Gaming,website help,server help ect)?
alguna habilidad que pueda ayudarnos (en el juego, el web site, servidor?)

13.Required name in tag*:
nombre que requieres para el tag

14.Other (Notes):
otros (notas)

#Please Include this line and Write "Yes" if you want your application to be hidden, for privacy issues#"

* Is nessecary
* es necesario que lo llenes
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I want to join FF
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