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 OFF TOPIC "Information about refugee programs"

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OFF TOPIC "Information about refugee programs" Empty
PostSubject: OFF TOPIC "Information about refugee programs"   OFF TOPIC "Information about refugee programs" Icon_minitime18/07/17, 05:19 am

Hello all, long time no see... I´ll come later to chat for a while. Today I come to ask and tell the reason of this topic:

So this is one of those messages that are not easy. I met a player form another game that is now in Syria and has problems to get out of the country. So I was wondering if any person can provide their situation of refugee programas or something that I could start with if we can help in anyway to at least see if he can reunite with his sister that is know is the US. He cant get an invite, since she has to live there for 2 years and she only has 1 year for now, and since Trump is there, things can get complicated fast. He is desparate to at least get out to another country in Europe, and since some of the members are from there, I am asking not only in his part, is anyone knows a program, company or something that could help him. Maybe its to much, but any information that could give me a start can be useful. Thanks in advanced for taking time to read this message.
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OFF TOPIC "Information about refugee programs"
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