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Due to the lag in the server, we will be moving the server to a new location.

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 Server question(W@R)

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PostSubject: Server question(W@R)   Server question(W@R) Icon_minitime17/01/19, 03:26 am

Hi guys, lastly I was wondering how to distinguish if I'm playing with bots/ real players? How many bots are on this server? Are they temporary or just aplied when there's little amount of players?

Next is : I came up for idea: why don't we arrange our game like we would play the same time( let's say about 7pm) so we can meet together on server and have fun?

regards, Arek
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Server question(W@R) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Server question(W@R)   Server question(W@R) Icon_minitime20/01/19, 09:36 pm

you have always 2 bots minimum. even in full server.
usually 4 bots if there are no players in teams, spectators don't count.
in big maps (like mp_beach, assault etc) you will see up to 6 bots on empty server.. or 2-4 .. depends how many people are playing.

in order to get real picture do /getstatus
in the table you will see (bot) for bots.
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Server question(W@R)
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